cassettes & digital: 


ZT137: Lake Michigan – Dolores

ZT136: Baseball Gregg – Calendar

ZT135: fuvk – something deliberate / noizybrain – you can never go home

ZT134: Winter 2020

ZT133: Remington super 60 – New EP

ZT132: Boy Romeo – PURE SOUL

ZT131: orchid mantis – flashbulb memory

ZT130: orchid mantis – long division


ZT128: laptop funeral – get well soon

ZT127: Lalić – I Do Not Deserve This Catharsis

ZT126: Fall 2019

ZT125: Billow – Seascape

ZT124: klipers – Vesmír Se Otočí 

ZT123: orchid mantis – light as leaving


ZT121: Summer 2019

ZT120: fuvk – you like blue and i like you

ZT119: Birdspotter – A Garden Everywhere You Go

ZT118: Foliage – Take

ZT117: WAKE IN JUNE – Lavender pink

ZT116: Spring 2019

ZT115: Swim Camp – Barlow Hill

ZT114: computer science – Burial Club

ZT113: fuvk – golden girl

ZT112: Max Gowan – Bygones

ZT111: Winter 2019

ZT110: Earth Dad – Learning Music

ZT109: Fog Lake – carousel [EP]

ZT108: Johnny Utah – Big Dogs EP

ZT107: Folliage // Andrew Yonker – Split

ZT106: Pickle Darling – Bigness

ZT105: Fall 2018

ZT104: Memoryville – it’s a lonely world, but we’ve got each other

ZT103: Fenn is Cool – The Definition of Cool

ZT102: orchid mantis – yellow house

ZT101: Andy Burns – Good Grief

ZT100: (Sandy) Alex G Covers Compilation

ZT099: Summer 2019

ZT098: compute science – happy summer

ZT097: Woozles – kidz bopz vol. 666

ZT096: Lake Michigan – Stillness

ZT095: Baseball Gregg – Sleep

ZT094: bellchainedbodies – Drift

ZT093: Elsa Lester – Dinner Party

ZT092: Aqua Girl! – Stereologue

ZT091: Spring 2018

ZT090: Homes – 5pm, sleepy

ZT089: Andy Burns – Excited

ZT088: Earth Dad – Townies

ZT087: awenda provincial park – tenderness

ZT086: Govier – Metal Target

ZT085: Fog Lake – dragonchaser / victoria park

ZT084: Earthboy – Earthboy – EP

ZT083: orchid mantis – kulla sunset

ZT082: Winter 2018

ZT081: Mouse Trap – Mouse Trap

ZT080: fuvk- time series

ZT079: Starman Jr. – Pearl

ZT078: ❀ Foliage ❀ – III

ZT077: High Sunn – bliss 福

ZT076: Knapsack – Bend

ZT075: if i die in mississippi – holographic heartache

ZT074: fuvk – ghosted / fragmented

ZT073: Johnny Utah – Johnny Utah

ZT072: bellchainedbodies – Winter Rituals

ZT071: Power Snuggle – Cop A Feeling

ZT070: Lord Bendtner – Ready To Leave

ZT069: Nolika – Bedroom Songs

ZT068: Saint Estrela – Two Faces 2015-2017

ZT067: amiga herz – about a journey (to sort through blurry memories)

ZT066: trashton – blankets

ZT065: Fall 2017

ZT064: rural lamplight – wolf under the moon’s sky

ZT063: ❀ Foliage ❀ – Truths

ZT062: fuvk – something deliberate / almost tuesday

ZT061: timbr – screensaver

ZT060: Max Gowan – Far Corners

ZT059: Woozles – Wasted Nights

ZT058: Billow – Maps

ZT057: gorgeous bully – great blue

ZT056: american poetry club – you have nothing to fear from your friends back home!

ZT055: Soft Pastels – No Loss

ZT054: Field Medic – that beer called becks reminds me of a haiku i wrote

ZT053: Summer 2017

ZT052: Dying Adolescence – lonely

ZT051: Laptop Funeral – pretty punk

ZT050: Fox Academy – Saint Molly

ZT049: pickle darling – spring onion pancakes

ZT048: In Love With A Ghost – healing

ZT047: christmas compilation ’16

ZT046: doubleu – quit + wuss

ZT045: long island ladies – long island ladies #1

ZT044: if i die in mississippi – artless

ZT043: Halloween 2016

ZT042: high sunn – Sequential Sakura

ZT041: Bedbug – if i got smaller grew wings and flew away for good

ZT040: moving in – sunburn

ZT039: Summer of Sad

ZT038: Candy – Waiting For U

ZT037: Saint Clementine – If We Are Falling / I Wish I Knew What You Did Last Summer

ZT036: Fatas Mandalas – Fatas Mandalas

ZT035: Lord Bendtner – Lord Bendtner

ZT034: Laptop Funeral – the closer to you, the safer i feel

ZT033: IZE – king of the mods

ZT032: ghostbusters VHS – okay

ZT031: Looks Like Mountains – quick, before we’re all dead!

ZT030: skating – ultra blue

ZT029: pet cemtery & henoheno & brittle brian & francie cool – split

ZT028: lucas vidaur (unlove) – light comes in, you’re forever

ZT027: Lake Michigan – Gleaming

ZT026: FRY YR BRN (Theme Song Benefit Compilation)

ZT025: In Love With A Ghost – let’s go

ZT024: gorgeous bully – n.w.o.b.h.m

ZT023: moin moin – Dawn

ZT022: Buddy Holliday – Victoria Street

ZT021: Holiday Home – Greetings From

ZT020: Govier – Predator

ZT019: The Wandering Lake – From James’ Garden / Ashame

ZT018: Mayen – Elegy

ZT017: Sea Ghost – SG

ZT016: Dying Adolescence – Dear you, It can’t wait.

ZT015: Candy – Azure

ZT014: Christmas Benefit Compilation

ZT013: EP – Ashland

ZT012: Isabel Rex – American Colloquialisms / Two Hexes

ZT011: pet cemetery – dietary requirements ep

ZT010: Dead Katz – Desert Dreams

ZT009: Naomi Pop – Naomi Pop

ZT008: Nice Legs – Lullaby Land

ZT007: Fox Academy – Elsie

ZT006: Fog Lake – Virgo Indigo / Farther Reaches

ZT005: Ruth & Trudy – Still Pond Songs

ZT004: The Washboard Abs – WHATEVERLAND

ZT003: The Raspberry Heaven – Nascent Meadows

ZT002: Jackie Trash – wow so sad

ZT001: Euphoria Again – Bedroom Recordings